Peter Kirsanow of the National Review on the Palin pick: "...a remarkable political talent has been 'discovered.'"

Really? I find it odd that anyone, at this moment, is still calling Sarah Palin a "remarkable political talent." She is certainly remarkable: not only has she significantly contributed to a losing campaign,--the word "albatross" comes to mind--but she may take more than just McCain down with her.

Rumors (or, as far as I can tell, rumors of rumors... isn't the internet wonderful?) are circulating that William Kristol, chief architect of the Palin pick, may lose his New York Times column just a year after acquiring it. The rebuke might be for attacking his host paper publicly, but it can't have helped that he used the front page of the New York Times to push Palin and his plans for her on an unsuspecting public.

Yes, Sarah Palin has been "discovered" all right. That word is particularly apt since it not only alludes to her undeniable star quality, but also, perhaps unconsciously, to the fact that she's widely seen as a fraud. As for the political talent...

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