Me Not Very Right Sum Tiems

Okay. It was just me. Douthat is back:
No, social conservatives aren't the problem for the GOP. But they haven't been the solution, either: Too often, on matters ranging from the Iraq War to domestic policy, they've served as enablers of Republican folly, rather than as constructive critics. And calling Catholics who voted for Obama "mindless" and "stupid" is a poor substitute for building the sort of Republican Party that can attract the votes of those millions of Americans, Catholic and otherwise, who voted for the Democrats because they thought, not without reason, that George W. Bush was a disastrous president whose party should not be rewarded with a third term in the White House.
(Lest there be any confusion, I don't link to posts like this because I want to see the Republican party attract more voters. I just find this sort of intelligent, rational discussion much more stimulating than either this or this.)

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