A Moment of Clarity... and Even Hope

Maybe all Presidential transitions are as well reported on as this. Frankly, I haven't been paying attention long enough to know. But it seems that each name that gets floated out into the world in the form of ink and pixels brings an equal and opposite wave of words wondering what that name means. Not just "Is this person a good idea for this position?" but "What does this person say about the Obama-Biden administration's view of the world?" And some of the names floating close to the surface these days have not exactly reassured me that the people are going to get the change-dot-government that they paid for.

I posted earlier about my reservations concerning Clinton, but that looks to be pretty much baked in the cake at this point. Less certain: former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, who features in the deregulatory horror-story that the New York Times ran on Monday's front-page, and Eric Holder, who was winged in the hail of fire that followed Bill Clinton out of office for the one scandal that deserved to stick (Marc Rich's pardon). Is this really what change looks like?

So, while reading up on the potential Clinton cabinet seat in The Guardian, I was relieved to find this description of Obama's meeting with McCain:
Although the two clashed during the election campaign over tax policy and withdrawal from Iraq, they have more in common than they have differences. They both favour the closure of the Guantánamo Bay detention centre, an increase in US troops to Afghanistan, immigration reform, stem cell research and measures to tackle climate change, and oppose torture and the widespread use of wire-tapping.
And that is just a description of what they agree on! It's our job to stay vigilant and not simply fawn over Obama's every... well, everything, but I have to admit: things are looking up.

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