Fred Barnes' wishful thinking:
Republicans have a big problem. Nope, it's not figuring out how to rebuild their party after consecutive defeats in national elections (that's easy). Nor is it finding new leaders in Congress (also easy) or latching onto fresh ideas that might improve the Republican brand (easiest of all). The problem is simpler--but also more difficult--than those. It's the tricky business of dealing with President Barack Obama.
That may not pass the laugh test, but the rest of Barnes' article is actually quite good. Not that I'm rooting for a Republican comeback, but if politicians actually behaved the way he suggests--liberals don't reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, conservatives work together with the president to pass bipartisan legislation, losing camps stop publicly sniping at each other, Republicans try not to alienate moderates--we'd all be better off.

What a difference a day makes

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