Leighton Pierce Online

Experimental film- and video-maker Leighton Pierce has generously made a number of his early films available on Vimeo, a video-sharing sharing website.

Red Shovel from Leighton Pierce on Vimeo.

With its attention to nuance, Pierce's work creates a quiet space for contemplation. His films are carefully crafted--so well, in fact, that their apparent simplicity belies his mastery. While subtle, the images and sounds are lush, imbued with something perhaps best described as a translucent texture; you look and listen through them, brushing past them as you move forward in time. Or is it that Pierce caresses the light and what we feel is the effect of his light touch?

The films are, in a way, utterly lucid, concrete and comprehensible, but they retain a certain mystery. They are not realist works, and yet they insist upon the everyday. In this way, they are akin to the pragmatic poetry of William Carlos Williams.

While it is wonderful to have access to these works in high-quality, streaming video for free, there is no substitute for the subtleties of the medium in which they were originally created. 16mm film prints can be rented from Canyon Cinema.

(Hat tip: Ryan Philippi)

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