Say what?

In his interview with Steve Innskeep, House Minority Leader John Boehner defended his criticism of allocating funds from the economic recovery package to study global warming:
Remember, the goal of the stimulus package is to preserve jobs and help create new jobs in America. I don't know how giving NASA 400-million dollars to study global warming is going to meet the goals. We just gave the CIA, last year, a big chunk of money to study global warming.
What? Just how much money did we give to the CIA to study global warming?

Boehner's actual argument--i.e. studying global warming may not create new jobs--isn't all that far-fetched, but this bit about the CIA is absurd. It's hard to imagine there being much, if any, overlap between NASA's approach to studying global warming and the CIA's. (How many climatologists does the CIA employ?) Presumably, the Agency used the money to study the long-term effects of climate change on national security. Presumably.

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