That's Not News

It is a fact that there is something happening everywhere, all the time. There are 6 billion people on the planet populating nearly 200 sovereign nations on 7 continents surrounded by 5 oceans.

You work for NPR. The problem you face is deciding what to cover, what to invest your limited time and attention to. Too much is happening to be truly comprehensive. You must choose what stories live and what stories die, knowing that your choices have real-world consequences for the subjects who receive or fail to receive your attention. Surely, there are so many stories begging for interesting, intelligent, responsible reporting that you could not waste a single minute, a single line, a single word, in your effort to untangle the complicated knot of all human endeavor.

Or, you could use up 6 precious minutes on mind-numbingly inane bullshit.

Am I being too harsh? After all, don't you have to include lighter fare so as not to overwhelm the weekend listener? This steaming heap of windbreaking journalism aired after 7-and-a-half minutes of the Sunday puzzle with "puzzlemaster" Will Shortz.

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Michael Lieberman said...

Not to be a wet towel, but it's been awhile since NPR had journalistic gusto. But keep the pressure on them going.