poetry and truth 2

"Oh, Death" by Charlie Patton in 1934:


poetry and truth

"The art of the superior artist is to restore, by means of conscious operations, the integrity of sensuality and the emotional power of things."

(A quote on a poster I saw in Toronto attributed to John Cassavetes; further investigation revealed it is actually from Valery. Either way, it's damn fine.)



That this is disappointing is an understatement:
Among other policies, the Obama national security team has also authorized the C.I.A. to try to kill a United States citizen suspected of terrorism ties, blocked efforts by detainees in Afghanistan to bring habeas corpus lawsuits challenging the basis for their imprisonment without trial, and continued the C.I.A.’s so-called extraordinary rendition program of prisoner transfers — though the administration has forbidden torture and says it seeks assurances from other countries that detainees will not be mistreated.