Too Early, Too Late

Marc Lynch's post on all that's riding on the military intervention in Lybia may be the most sensible thing I've read on the situation yet. Fears that the Obama administration reacted too slowly seem not only unjustified, but myopic. The United States simply cannot intervene in an Arab conflict unilaterally ever again, nor can it credibly or sustainably send a land army into Africa, the Middle East or Asia. This latter assertion is not my own, but secretary of defense Robert Gates'.

The line that the President is "dithering" plays too well into one of the many competing narratives not-so-quietly emanating from the conservative camp that indict the Obama administraition no matter the actual facts. This particular trope is Obama as Hamlet, the president whose equivocations preclude action. In reality, military intervention should never be entered lightly and haste guarantees failure. Marc Lynch patiently explains why.