40 Years Ago

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of Stonewall, a quote from an earlier post by Kiljan Zane Pyry about the current state of the struggle for LGBT rights:
While other factions of the GLBT community have fought tirelessly to empower themselves and join the larger movement, there continues to be a co-opting and morphing that happens to the narratives of divergent bodies. For example, the conflict at Stonewall has become a national story of resistance for gay and lesbians. The Pride celebrations that take place in June are scheduled loosely around the anniversary of the uprising. What very few resources on the subject will reveal is that the people who fought against the police at Stonewall were primarily homeless transgender youth of color who were completely fed up with the impossibility of survival.
And an acknowledgment of that very history that we found in a surprising place:

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