Cracked Looking Glass

Fox News recently impugned the NEA and by extension the entire stimulus plan for allowing $25,000 (out of more than $750 billion) to fund an art theater in San Francisco. It is not entirely clear from their report whether Fox is offended by the work the theater shows or the fact that it is in San Francisco:

The theater in question, the San Francisco Cinematheque, is one of the longest running and most well respected venues for experimental film in the country. The list of people involved with the Cinematheque over the years is a virtual who's who of West Coast experimental film: it's founding members, Bruce Baillie and the late Chick Strand, are widely considered two of the most important experimental filmmakers in California and former directors have gone on to head the cinema departments at major American universities and art schools. Likewise, the Cinemathque's exhibition history covers nearly every major American experimental filmmaker. In 1998, the Cinematheque collaborated with the Museum of Modern Art in New York on an unprecedented exhibition called Big As Life--50 programs of small gauge cinema (8mm and super-8) from the American avant-garde.

Below, you can hear the soundtrack that Fox News described as "so offensive... we could barely find anything in the trailer that was suitable to put on TV and we definitely cannot air the audio."

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